About us


Who is EQSC?

EQSC is a certification body competent in the field of conformance evaluation. EQSC operates through its professional staff in several private and public business sectors.

Established by a group of professionals, EQSC focuses on highlighting and promoting the quality and safety of management systems for all those entities that demonstrate it in accordance with international or national standards. We operate throughout the territory of Albania and Kosovo, by offering directly the services from EQSC or from partnerships needed to meet customer needs.

Our Quality Management System is set up and maintained continuously in order to provide the assurance that all our services are offered Impartially and Competently.

EQSC as an Accredited Control body, combines technical knowledge and expertise with impartiality, to provide assurance in the market that EQSC certified clients operate according to the respective standards toward which they are certified. The Training service offered by us provides professionals with the confidence that they will profit the best on issues related to compliance with standards and applicable laws as well as practical experience.


Accreditation and Partnership


EQSC is accredited according to ISO 17021-1:2015, Accreditation for Certification of Management Systems from Directorate of  Accreditation.


Partner of Quality Austria