About us

Who is EQSC?

EQSC is a certification body competent in the field of conformance evaluation. EQSC operates through its professional staff in several private and public business sectors.

Established by a group of professionals, EQSC focuses on highlighting and promoting the quality and safety of management systems for all those entities that demonstrate it in accordance with international or national standards. We operate throughout the territory of Albania and Kosovo, by offering directly the services from EQSC or from partnerships needed to meet customer needs.

Our Quality Management System is set up and maintained continuously in order to provide the assurance that all our services are offered Impartially and Competently.

EQSC as an Accredited Control body, combines technical knowledge and expertise with impartiality, to provide assurance in the market that EQSC certified clients operate according to the respective standards toward which they are certified. The Training service offered by us provides professionals with the confidence that they will profit the best on issues related to compliance with standards and applicable laws as well as practical experience.


Overview of Services

As an active participant in the market EQSC delivers services suited to the clients’ needs, which comprises many topics and product categories.

EQSC undertakes two main approaches in offering professional and valuable services:

  • Customer oriented approach.
  • Practice oriented approach.

Both approaches are endorsed by our qualified auditors, trainers and experts as well as  by our cooperation with Quality Austria, different associations, universities and local authorities.

EQSC vision is: One source, every service. A broad spectrum of services is offered, from Certification, Auditing and continuing with professional Training, for different sectors. Services that are suitable for organizations from all sectors and of all sizes and can be tailored to our customer’ individual needs and requirements.

Quality and Safety Management Systems form the essential basis of a long-term development for any organization. By working with EQSC the organizations can optimize the quality level of their internal processes:

  • Improved customer, including staff, trust and satisfaction means an improved market position.
  • Know-how is also transferred directly to the clients.
  • Our broad knowledge of related management disciplines assures that current and future developments in quality practice are integrated in existing systems.
  • Enhanced staff motivation helps to tap into resources and process potential that can boost performance and production efficiency.
  • Improved customer trust and satisfaction means an improved market position.

The result of this optimization, companies will benefit improved competitive capabilities, will be more focused on optimizing revenue growth and concentrated on global and long-term objectives.

Our Services:

1. Certification of Management Systems

By choosing a client certified by EQSC as your collaborator, you can be assured that the service/product you are acquiring is suitable to your needs.

2. Supplier’s audit

3. EQSC Academy

For more information please visit EQSC Academy.

Accreditation and Partnership

EQSC is accredited according to ISO 17021-1:2015, Accreditation for Certification of Management Systems from Directorate of  Accreditation.

Partner of Quality Austria

Make sure the Certification you require is Accredited!

EQSC is your companion on the way to success – from the first steps until reaching the targeted performance.